The European Croquet Federation is more formally entitled the Federation Europeene de Croquet and usually referred to by the initials "FEC".  It was founded in 1992 to provide a focus for the burgeoning interest in Association Croquet ("AC") in several continental European countries.  Membership is open to croquet governing bodies located in Europe.  The FEC's principal function is to organise championships at both AC and Golf Croquet ("GC").  These are open to individual players who represent one of the FEC Members.

The first European Championship was an AC event which was held in 1992 at Busto Arsizio in northern Italy.  The event has been held annually or near-annually , mainly in Jersey but also in England and Ireland and, in 2017, in Sweden.  The current champion is Jose Riva (ESP), 30, who won the 2017 President's Cup (one of the top two titles of the English Croquet Association) and reached the semi-final of the 2018 AC World Championship.

Interest in GC began to grow strongly around the croquet-playing world in the 1990s following the discovery that Egypt had been a hotbed of GC competitive expertise for over 40 years.  This interest was reflected in Europe, aided by the fact that games of GC are generally shorter than games of AC and most beginners find GC easier to pick up.  The first European GC Championship was held in 1999 at Carrickmines in Ireland and won by Mark McInerney (IRE) who retained his title in 2003 and later became the first non-Egyptian Golf Croquet World Champion in 2011.  The EGCC has since been held in 2007, 2009, 2010 and has been held annually since 2013 in England and Spain.  The current champion is Stephen Mulliner (ENG).